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PlayOn brings media streaming to Windows Phone with a new official app

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George P    3,554

Better late than never is a phrase we're used to repeating for official apps on Windows Phone and now PlayOn is the latest entry to add to that list. If you're not familiar with the branding, it's a media server for Windows computers with support for mainstream channels, enabling consumers to stream HD shows, movies and personal media files from the PC to a TV, smartphone or tablet.


PlayOn pulls down content from popular channels without requiring costly cable and satellite subscriptions. The software installed on the Windows PC will be required to run to keep the service live even when you're out and about, allowing your Windows Phone to connect. To make use of PlayOn in the living room, the service itself relies on pairing up with an Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Wii, WiiU or supported hardware like the Roku.


Supported channels include Hulu, Netflix, Comedy Central, CNN, NHL, CBS, ESPN, Amazon Video on Demand, PBS, and any more. Some channels will require a subscription for access, which will be available separately. Check out the official PlayOn website for more details and to download the free trial. The app itself isn't styled correctly for Windows Phone, but at least it's available for download.


On a side note, I'm wondering if people would be interested in a new pinned topic for new or updated apps.  We do have the "best apps" topic but this one would be posts of what's new or getting a update etc.

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