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Fellow Neowinian?s I need your help, but first a little backstory;


I have been using Zune since the ?Brown Brick 30gb? which is still working great after 8 years and holds a 9 hour charge yet after surviving at least 100+ drops J, I then moved on to the Zune HD Platinum which has a couple scratches on the metal from drops but still works and holds a charge too!

OK now for the great switch from carrying around a Windows Mobile Handset along with a Zune and I bought a Windows Phone 7 device, which was a big improvement over my Windows Mobile Handset but not the Zune (but hoping for software improvement?s over time). Then came my Windows 8 Phone which is great, I love everything about it except Xbox Music


Here's my experience of Xbox Music on Windows Phone

1)  It takes like 30 seconds to load (even after a fresh boot on Windows Phone 8.1)

2) It puts the store first instead of the music

3) even though I have tried storing all my music on either the phone or on the MicroSD card and choose to only show my collection, it slowly loads and when it gets to the "view by Artist" it shows the alphabet jump selection but the Artists take another 30-45 seconds to show up


Windows Phone desperately needs a player that work's like the Zune HD did (I'm sure others would gladly pay) just a simple player that play's media off the phone & MicroSD card, which leads to my question;


Is there a Music app that works & looks like the Zune HD ?


BTW: Windows Phone needs Audiosurf, The Greatest Music Game Ever! (too bad the PC version doesn?t do it justice)


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Try OneMusic.


Xbox Music is laughable at best.

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You can't be saved from XBox Music. It's like the dark side of the force. Once you started using it there's no turning back.

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