LG 50LB570v - Good TV? Options?

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Moved to Germany so now i'm buying everything over again for the most part. I had a nice (non-smart) LG TV back in the US now just looking to get something over here for this market. Suggest anything that you might think is better? I don't need SmartTV features but it's nice to have. 3D is definitely not worth anything to me! :p






Seems it gets pretty good reviews but just wondering if anyone have anything else better for the price (or even a bit more).




I looked at the LG LB580v for about 100 Euro more but all it seems to have better is WIFI which I don't need as I plan to wire up everything.




I also looked at the LG LB582v which is 200 Euro more which seems no major benefit also.




I've checked out 4K TVs and they are drool worthy right about now - 1389 Euro I saw one for which wasn't bad at all but not sure I wanna splurge so much just yet, maybe 2nd gen and then everything will be cheaper in a few years when 4K is more common on media as well.

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Smart features seem to be in every TV. I think the only brand that does away with them, in an effort to reduce the price, is Vizio.


Are you married to the LG? You've only posted that brand. Check out the Samsung F8000 - I'm not sure if it is in your price range, but the reviews are pretty good. If you want a Plasma, the Samsung F8500 has overwhelmingly great reviews. (Plasma usually cost more to run, if that is an issue for you)


I wouldn't worry about 4K just yet. Wait a few years for the price to drop and more content to become available.

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Yup, as compl3x said, most TV companies are making more smart TVs these days...


If you are not interested the smart TV features, then you can leave that feature alone.


And use the TV as normal like you did with your old TV(s).


My brother has a smart TV and never use the smart feature on his TV..  Only use the devices such as BR player, setup box, etc.


He may use the smart feature in the near future when we start using the video conferencing such as skype, etc on the smart TV.


Good luck with your TV purchase.

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If you can afford them, take a look at the Sony W8 series. The smart functionality isn't the best you can get, but they have excellent panels and have been doing very good in reviews. Accurate colours, very deep contrast, ... The W805B is the model you want. http://www.sony.de/electronics/fernseher/w800b-series

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The Sony looks good but probably gonna be over my price range for the 50-55" that I wanted to get... well unless I convince the wife. I don't really have a price range but I've showed her 700 Euro TVs and she didn't balk at the price so figured that was ok :P. She normally looks at price for everything first.


I've checked mostly LG because that's the company I've checked the most and used in the past for pretty much all my household goods. I'm not stuck on them however and if there's another good option for the size and price then i'll check that out too for sure.


I like Samsung products too just the same and my TVs before that were all Sony. So i'm not locked to any particular brand.



That seems decent?



Panasonic has always been good.



Looks like a good Sony LCD?

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I'd go for that Sony W6 then.


The 40" version of that TV was, again, rated as an incredibly interesting buy for the price: http://www.hdtvtest.co.uk/news/kdl40w605b-201404233740.htm


I have the 2013 32" W6 and it's excellent, really. Again, don't expect all that supermuch from the Smart functionality, but the picture quality is top-notch. If you set it up like they do in HDTV-test (and ask me for some extra settings maybe) you can get a very pleasing, accurate image without all the fancy calibration.

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 well unless I convince the wife. I don't really have a price range but I've showed her 700 Euro TVs and she didn't balk at the price so figured that was ok :p. She normally looks at price for everything first.



If you watch a fair amount of T.V./movies, you could simply tell her it is better to put a little more money towards the purchase upfront instead of trying to save a few dollars and dealing with a TV for the next 5+ years that is sub-par. If the TV is crap now, in 4 or 5 years time it's going to be complete rubbish.


It would be better to put off buying the TV if you don't have the funds available now and save up than to just impulse buy whatever is cheap. I know it's labourious, but researching a big purchase as best you can is always wise.


Another question you should consider re size is the distance you are going to sit from the T.V. As a general rule bigger is better, but at some viewing distances it doesn't necessarily matter.

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Samsung F8500 is a badass TV and probably that last great plasma anyone of us will ever see.


If you want to go SONY, spend a bit more and get the KDL-50W656. 48 inches is that kind of size where 50' is right there and worth it.

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