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Moxa's UC-8100 RISC computers expand system flexibility in a small form factor

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Ian W    2,331

Moxa's UC-8100 RISC computers expand system flexibility in a small form factor
Full article:

Moxa Inc. is introducing a new wireless Linux computer featuring a small form factor but designed specifically for large scale, big data WAN computing solutions.

The new compact computing solution from Moxa addresses space concerns in distributed IA systems by fulfilling application demands for high computing power, large storage capacity, and flexible wireless connectivity. Moxa?s UC-8100 wireless Linux computer is built around an ARMv7 Cortex-A8 processor, and features up to two RS-422/485 serial ports alongside dual 10/100 Mbps Ethernet LAN ports. Additionally, a Mini PCIe socket supports a cellular interface and other modules.

. . .

Key features of Moxa?s UC-8100 computers include compact, space saving form, with a DIN rail mount for easy installation; sufficient room for memory expansion using SD or mini SD cards; Mini PCIe socket to simplify cellular and modular upgrades; range of pin-to-pin-compatible, scalable RISC CPUs; and easier management for mass distributed computing applications.

UC-8100 computers also offer extremely strong protection against network attacks. Moxa has advanced the powerful Trusted Platform Module (TPM) by integrating a patented secure boot algorithm that delivers extremely strong protection against kernel corruption of any sort, eliminating the only possible attack vector available to crackers. With the kernel protected, the computer will be able to work securely, ensuring that any communications it makes via TPM will remain confidential and safe from the possibility of exposure via a rooted system.

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