EBOLA Outbreak

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Krome    204

Please tell me you made this it's beautiful. 


lol I tell ya.. Enron is hella funny... Best comedian guy on Neowin lol


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compl3x    6,290

What people may or may not have believed in pre-scientific times & the way we understand the world now aren't comparable. It's like arguing we shouldn't trust neurosurgery today because people once thought trepanning was an effective way to treat certain conditions.

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siah1214    1,543

Thank you for the correction.  My original point, had you actually read it instead of dwelling on garbage comments surrounding it, was that a travel ban/quarantine until past the incubation period for Ebola before returning into the US (or even between states and other countries) would help prevent that.


Surely you aren't going to say that would not have prevented this case from landing here stateside?

Why prevent it? He was already in isolation when he was diagnosed, it's not going to spread, he'll probably be fine in a week. Do we also need to put people who suffer from colds and flus into isolation? Those are more contagious and in some cases more deadly.

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adrynalyne    14,201

Why prevent it? He was already in isolation when he was diagnosed, it's not going to spread, he'll probably be fine in a week. Do we also need to put people who suffer from colds and flus into isolation? Those are more contagious and in some cases more deadly.

No he wasn't.  He started feeling sluggish days before--that is showing symptoms.  He then isolated himself when developing a 103 degree temperature.  He wasn't in isolation the entire time.


The thing about colds and flus, is that they are worldwide.  This is in small areas and still killing a lot of people with no real treatment yet outside of experimental procedures.


We have resistance against colds and flus, but not ebola.

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