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Slimmer, reversible next-gen USB Type-C now ready for PCs & mobile devices

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Slimmer, reversible next-gen USB Type-C now ready for PCs & mobile devices

Following an announcement back in December and some renders that popped up a few months back, today the USB 3.0 Promoter Group announced the next-generation USB ?Type-C? connector is now ready for production. That means that PC and smartphone manufacturers can now adopt the standard, which the Promoter Group describes as ?the final piece in developing a single-cable solution? for the industry.
?Interest in the USB Type-C connector has not only been global, but cross-industry as well,? said Brad Saunders, USB 3.0 Promoter Group Chairman. ?Representatives from the PC, mobile, automotive and IoT industries have been knocking down our door anticipating this new standard. This specification is the culmination of an extensive, cooperative effort among industry leaders to standardize the next generation USB connector as a long-lasting, robust solution.?
The new standard offers a number of notable improvements over previous implementations of USB and also provides a solution slim and powerful enough to work for both mobile device and PC makers. Some of the biggest benefits include its slimmer and reversible design. Much like Apple?s own Lightning cable used on its mobile devices, USB Type-C has a reversible orientation for plugging in the connector. It also supports a reversible cable direction. If Apple is to adopt the new standard to replace USB used on its MacBooks, it would also make Apple?s cable for iOS devices reversible on both sides, with the Lightning on one end and the new USB Type-C on the other.
The receptacle opening measures in at 8.4mm x ~2.6mm, which the press release notes is similar to the size of USB 2.0 Micro-B. As for speed, the new cable will offer SuperSpeed USB 10 Gbps (USB 3.1) and USB Power Delivery up to 100W. 
The new specification for USB Type-C is available at Today?s press release also notes that the specification has now been ? transferred to the USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF) for ongoing management and the establishment of a compliance and certification program.?

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