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D3200 with 18-55mm + 55 - 200mm worth it?

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papercut2008uk    102

i just found a Nikon D3200 with 18-55mm + 55 - 200mm telephoto zoom lens for ?379.


it's on sale for only a few more days, and was wondering, if it's worth buying, i'm going to be travelling in a few months and probably taking a lot of pictures and video, but don't really have the money for the camera just yet. 


is it worth it? should i find the money and get it? or wait / find a different camera?  





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Roger H.    776

I have that camera but got a few other lenses instead. I've taken some great shots with it but i'm not PRO so i'm not expecting stunning D7100 shots or something from it. I say that's the 'normal' price for it as the US had the kit for $499+Tax which was a good buy.


Even Amazon.co.uk now has it for decent pricing but without the extra 55-200mm if you don't need it. I got a 18-200 instead as that's a better lens but obviously more expensive.




You can probably get it cheaper than just there however.

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Snoopy2005uk    39

Id say it was a good price, I use the 55-200mm lens a lot for my airsoft photos, I have had some great shots with it. The 18-55mm kit lens is also a very good alrounder.

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