Coldplay announce next album will be their last

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I prefer to keep an open-mind and listen to all types of music; new and old, local and foreign. But if you prefer to limit your music its understandable that you would not have heard of Coldplay. Coldplays first hit song was in 2000, but I think if you like music (pre-2000's) from R.E.M, Beetles, U2, Muse and Oasis, you may also like Coldplay.

Oh, I keep an open mind as well in regards to music, believe me and of course I've heard of Coldplay - I bought Parachutes when it came out. That said, of all the music I've listened to post-2000 honestly none of it (from new bands) that I can think of and remember really appealed to me. Coldplay's early stuff was okay - they reminded me of Radiohead in some ways, but as time passed I didn't really enjoy any of their newer music.

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Sampled them all; did nothing for me. Any other recommendations?

Since this turned into a coldplay recommendation thread. Among my favorites would be


Viva la vida

Violet Hill


Magic... awesome love song.

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