Secret Santa pays off $50,000 in layaways


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A secret Santa has stunned shoppers in Pennsylvania by dropping $50,000 to buy 100 people their layaway gifts at Wal-Mart.

The anonymous donor mysteriously dropped off a check at a Silver Springs Commons store on Monday morning, reports The Patriot-News.

The "layaway angel" ? as he's been dubbed ? didn't want his name to be revealed and said he should just be called "Santa B."

Tanisha Burton, of Harrisburg, was astonished to find the $200 she had left to pay for toys for her daughter already covered when she went to the store later that day.

"It was definitely a surprise, and a blessing," she told The Patriot-News.

"I'm overwhelmed, and I guess relieved. I'm just disappointed I couldn't say thank you," added Robert Carolus, of Mifflin County, who also arrived to find his bill settled.

Burston and Carolus were just two out of 100 customers who had their balances paid.

Store manager Steve Myers said he'd seen $2,000 to $3,000 donations dropped off before ? but never so much as $50,000.

"He said he wanted to help take care of folks ? to bring everyone a special Christmas," Myers said.

Wal-Mart spokesman John Forrest Ales said the generous amount was "certainly high" ? but not a record.

And he revealed two similar donations of $51,000 and $59,000 had also been dropped off in Florida on the same day.

"It's amazing to see the random acts of kindness that happen at the holidays," he said.

"It's incredible customers are coming in and wanting to help their neighbors by covering their layaway balances for the season," he added.




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This is awesome, and I wish that I had the resources to do it, even on a smaller scale. The best I can manage is a small donation to Toys For Tots and to the various food drives.


Also kind of makes me wish I used layaway! :laugh:

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It wasn't me .... :shifty:

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