XBOX One + Plex = Amazing Home Theater System!

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PLEX Works so much better with XBOX One than it does the XBOX 360. I use OSMC and a Raspberry Pi 2 for my Media Center, and the XBOX 360 for Netflix, however I do have PLEX Setup for when I'm at work or away from home.

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      Changes are happening inside Halo developer 343 Industries, as a new report reveals that Halo Infinite studio head Chris Lee has been taken off the massive project. Lee has lead the Halo series since 2016, and although he is off Infinite, he will remain a Microsoft employee according to an official statement by Microsoft.

      "I have stepped back from Infinite and I am looking at future opportunities," Chris Lee had said to Bloomberg. "I believe in the team and am confident they will deliver a great game and now is a good time for me to step away."

      Originally set to be the defining launch title of the next-gen Xbox consoles, Halo Infinite suffered a delay that pushed it back to 2021. According to the Bloomberg report, Lee's role was sidelined following the poor reception to the Halo Infinite gameplay showcase. Series veterans Joseph Staten and Pierre Hintze stepped in to help with the campaign and multiplayer, respectively, back in August.

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      Every week, Destiny 2 hosts a Trials of Osiris event where teams of three compete for access to The Lighthouse. The Lighthouse promises Pinnacle rewards that boost you closer to the current Power Level cap.

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      Xbox Live issue preventing Xbox One and Windows 10 users from launching their games [Update]
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      If you were looking to play some games today, heading into the weekend, and fired up a game on your Xbox One or Windows 10 PC only to find that you are unable to access it, you’re not alone. Xbox Support just acknowledged on Twitter that it is aware of an issue with users being unable to access games due to some issues with Xbox Live. The company is actively investigating the issue.

      Depending on some users’ reports on Twitter, it looks like trying to launch games returns a "The person who bought this needs to sign in" message, which likely is due to some authentication issues with Xbox Live. The status page for the service notes that there are issues with ‘Purchase and Content Usage’ that affects launching games or apps. The problem is affecting Xbox One and Windows 10 devices. There is no word on a possible ETA for the restoration of the service.

      Those interested can keep an eye on Twitter or the Xbox Live Status page for updates for more information. Additionally, you can also choose to request for a notification by signing in on the status page and having the site send an Xbox Live notification or text message.

      Update 1: The support account has posted an update on Twitter noting that users should now be able to access their games. However, the status page still notes problems with buying "downloadable" items and launching games.

      Update 2: The Xbox Live Status page has also been updated to reflect that all the issues have been fixed.