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Forza Motorsport 6

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Hedon    397

The argument for me was never how well it was done, just that it was a bit dubious to patch them in after reviews. It's not a trend that I want to see crop up from all the big publishers because unlike how microtransactions are done here, others seriously impact on the user experience (looking at Konami with MGS5 recently, which they didn't have live/detailed for reviews either...).

I am fine with options being added after reviews. Keep in mind, reviewers have no problem reviewing games before the game is done (or not testing every aspect of the game). Games should be reviewed similar to cars. There is the "first drive" review, then there is the "long term", kick the tires with 40,000 miles review. Many games would review vastly different if they were done once the complete game is available. Destiny is a game that is much different than its debut and would review differently today. DriveClub would review MUCH differently today than it was on day one (and in a good way). 

Adding options, features, micro-transactions after the initial review should not be of any concern, as there is NOTHING preventing critics and reviewers from updating their reviews, their scores or doing long term follow ups. I don't find anything dubious about adding options after the game is released. I do find it dubious that any one person would rely on a review of a game these days that are now known to improve with time with features and options. There of course are exceptions and there always will be. I don't see anything that would change the review for the game Until Dawn for example. There is no planned DLC, so other than maybe some big fixes, day one review is adequate. 

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PGHammer    1,731

UNsurprising - especially since Forza 7 is out (both platforms) AND it's a PA title (Play Anywhere).  That puts 6 behind the curve (if not the eight ball).

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