1000 musicians play Foo Fighters "Learn to Fly" asking Dave Grohl to come and play in Cesena, Italy

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We’ve seen fans go to great lengths to bring Foo Fighters to their hometown. Last year, Richmond, Virginia crowdfunded its first Foo Fighters concert in 16 years, leading fans in Birmingham, England to launch a similar campaign. The northern Italian city of Cesena wants in on the action, too, and has come up with a rather unique way of catching the band’s attention.


1,000 diehard recently came together for a simultaneous live performance of “Learn to Fly” with the hope that it’ll lead to a Foo Fighters concert in Italy’s Romagna region.


This put a smile on my face today.  1000 musicians playing one song. :)


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...and it worked.

Foo Fighters have agreed to play a gig in Cesena, northern Italy after 1,000 fans learnt to play the band's song 'Learn To Fly'.

A video recently surfaced of 1,000 local musicians – drummers, vocalists and guitarists – covering the 1999 Foo Fighters track. 

The performance was part of a campaign by fans in the Italian city to get Dave Grohl and his bandmates to play a gig in the local area. 

Foo Fighters later took to Twitter to post messages that read "How nice, Cesena" and "See you soon" (translated from Italian). The tweets seemed to suggest the band will indeed play a gig in Cesena.

Watch 1,000 musicians perform 'Learn To Fly' below. Other fan campaigns in recent months have proven successful, most notably in the town of Richmond in Virginia, USA when a petition led to a gig from the band. 
Read more at http://www.nme.com/news/foo-fighters/87256#LRKLFmzo1qZOgSOB.99


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This just awesome stuff.

I'm a huge Foo Fighters fan, and one of the reasons why is that Dave and the rest of the band are just really cool dudes. They are clearly fan-oriented, and it shows.

P.S. I saw them at Citi Field (NY) and Fenway (Boston) earlier this month and both shows were amazing. The fans in Cesena are in for a treat. (Y)

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