Is Canada's new PM the only world leader with a tattoo?

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Draconian Guppy

While some Canadians have been marvelling at the size of Justin Trudeau's election victory - helping the Liberal Party turn a wipeout in 2011 into an overall majority - others have been focusing on the 43-year-old's athletic body and a large tattoo on his left arm. Could he, they ask, be the only major world leader with a tattoo?

The tattooed image of a raven was getting a lot of attention on social media on election night. "OH that IS a Raven tattoo! This guy seems interesting,"tweeted @meg_shuler. "Is Justin Trudeau the first Western leader to have a tattoo?" asked @aveek18- one of a number of people who wondered this.

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If you're not a bit on the chubby side by the time you're 40, they call it an "athletic body"

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