Need an affordable amp (w/ bass/treble settings) for my Mac to Beats.

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So I'm using AU Lab + Soundflower to reroute the audio and modify the sound. The problem is that, because it's software, it has a delay, it's laggy and will have a min-process crash thus having to turn its engine on and off. So I'm looking to go the hardware route.

Before I started using this, back when I was living at my grandmothers in CT, I had really large speakers, large I say. And there was an AMP I was using instead. Luckily, beats back then had a jack that converted into a large one because of the AMP's size. That way I could play the music in my ears instead of the large speakers when people were around.

I'd want to ask my grandma to let me have it, but I'm pretty sure she uses it, and that whole set is powerful as ######. I'm telling you. If anyone can help me find an affordable amp that I can I can plug to my Mac and then to my beats (regretfully, as mine are bluetooth, I hate having to resort to wires, but I want absolute quality), that'd be nice. I want an amp that lets me set the bass/treble, although, my next question would be how much power could that amp, or how much bass that amp can give me.

So I ask you. Help me. Please.

PS, I'm using two EQ's in the image because the first one doesn't give me enough bass. Yea, that's right. I need.. a lot.

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 2.26.30 PM.png

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