Microsoft announces their Gamescom 2016 plans.

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George P

While we will not be hosting a media briefing this year, we’re planning a new and more intimate Xbox FanFest experience for our fans across Europe and worldwide attending gamescom 2016.  We will be sharing more details on our gamescom 2016 Xbox FanFest soon.

The Xbox booth at gamescom
Wednesday, August 17 – 9:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. CEST (press/trade only day)
Thursday, August 18 and Friday, August 19 – 10:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. CEST
Saturday, August 20 – 9:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. CEST
Sunday, August 21 – 9:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. CEST

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Just saw this too. I wonder if they'll be having a Scorpio even this year or will that be next?

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George P
56 minutes ago, dipsylalapo said:

Just saw this too. I wonder if they'll be having a Scorpio even this year or will that be next?

Too soon I'd say, probably next year.  They'll just highlight the games coming and show the S off.

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21 hours ago, dipsylalapo said:

Just saw this too. I wonder if they'll be having a Scorpio even this year or will that be next?

I don't think that would be wise, seeing as the S is launching in the same month. You'd end up with the same flat reception / overshadowing they caused at E3.

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i wasnt expecting this, but if they feel it's needed to give more polished results for when games are ready... then why not.


i honestly feel that team xbox should go dark for a bit...


of course do the game promotions for the fall/Christmas season (Xbox S, ReCore, Gears), but as far as Project Scorpio, and future games, dont even say a word about them for the time being.

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George P

They haven't really said anything about "future" games, unless you count stuff coming first quarter of 2017 as future?  At least they give us dates for them.   As far as the Scorpio, they're not going to talk about it again till next year, I think it's a safe bet.   The only info we could get about it would be from more inside sources and any leaks when dev kits start going out, which probably won't be too long, I think April, May 2017 probably.



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      The errors come with the message:

      Now a workaround has been shared by Microsoft to help fix the errors, but the steps require more than basic knowledge of computers as it involves using Powershell commands and reinstalling the Gaming Services app.

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      Some users have also reported that instead of following the complete steps, just deleting the below-mentioned two registry keys fixes the issue for them.

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      Microsoft wants to launch at least one first-party Xbox game every quarter
      by Pulasthi Ariyasinghe

      Microsoft shared a lot of information about its future strategies for Xbox cloud gaming and Xbox Game Pass today, revealing that it is working on bringing Xbox services to displays without needing extra hardware, new Game Pass variants and support for more regions, and even a game streaming device for TVs, among others.

      Another interesting tidbit shared in this information dump was the goal it is trying to meet regarding Xbox game releases, which is at least one first-party game per quarter. As with all games coming out from these studios, they will be available on day one on Xbox Game Pass too.

      Compared to Sony's offerings, the lack of high-profile experiences utilizing new IPs has been a rough point for Xbox for some time now. But with the acquisition of ZeniMax Media going through, the Xbox gaming division now has 23 game development studios under its umbrella. Xbox Game Studios boss Matt Booty is hopeful about ramping up the game output, even though not every project will see the light of day:

      Microsoft will be hosting the Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase at E3 this Sunday, 13 June, at 10 AM PT. At the event, we will get to see the current state of announced games, like Halo Infinite and Starfield, as well as premiers of even new exclusives. Going by previous showcases, there may even be more acquisition announcements being readied.

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      Microsoft is working on a dedicated Xbox game streaming device for TVs
      by Abhay Venkatesh

      Microsoft’s Xbox gaming division has seen a massive overhaul in the past few years, going from a gaming console maker with a handful of exclusives to a platform that includes 23 in-house gaming studios and a cloud game streaming service that is ever-expanding. Today, in a blog post touting the various benefits of its Xbox Game Pass subscription, the firm also detailed some of the work it is doing to further expand the reach of its cloud gaming service.

      First of the announcements is that the Redmond firm is working with TV manufacturers to integrate the “Xbox experience” natively into smart TVs and “internet-connected” TVs, allowing users to leverage their Game Pass subscriptions for cloud gaming on their TV without dedicated streaming hardware, likely by hooking the television up to an Xbox controller.

      However, the more interesting announcement – though vague and incomplete – is that the firm is working on dedicated streaming devices for use on TVs and monitors, negating the need for those displays to be smart displays. This will expand the reach of the firm’s Game Pass Ultimate subscription to users that do not own gaming PCs or consoles but would want to experience their games on displays larger than that of a smartphone.

      This isn’t the first time that the company has considered building a streaming stick sort of a device. The firm was rumored to have readied a Chromecast-like streaming device back in 2016 that was codenamed Hobart, but canceled it right before that year’s E3 event. With the company now saying that it is in the “final stages” of upgrading its data centers with the latest Xbox Series S|X consoles – leveraging the new hardware for better performance –, it might find the time right to expand its cloud gaming service to more users. Speaking about expanding the service, cloud gaming through Game Pass Ultimate is heading to Australia, Brazil, Mexico, and Japan later this year.

      The Redmond company also announced today that it will be opening up cloud gaming on the browser for all users in the next few weeks, bringing the service to Edge, Chrome, and Safari users on the PC and (finally) on iOS. For those waiting for a native solution, the firm says that it will be adding cloud gaming directly in the Xbox app for PCs, something that it promised late last year. It adds that it will integrate the experience into its consoles for what it calls a “try before you download” scenario. It is also working on “new subscription offerings for Xbox Game Pass”, though it doesn’t detail what they would be and what benefits it might offer.

      Lastly, the firm says that it will “unveil [its] best and biggest games lineup” at its first-ever Xbox and Bethesda joint event on Sunday. It also adds that it aims to release at least one new first-party game into Game Pass every quarter, thanks to the 23 game studios working on offerings worldwide. You can tune into the Xbox and Bethesda Game Showcase on Sunday, 13 June, at 10 AM PT.

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      Microsoft Weekly: June Windows event, FidelityFX SR on console, and new Edge features
      by Florin Bodnarescu

      An event to give folks a look at ‘the next-generation of Windows’ scheduled for June 24, a confirmation of FidelityFX Super Resolution on console, and even some new Edge features, were all revealed in the last seven days. You can find info about that, as well as much more below, in your Microsoft digest for the week of May 30 – June 5.

      June Windows event

      Aligning with previous rumors, Microsoft has announced a June 24 event to showcase “what’s next for Windows”.

      Although we knew of the UI refresh codenamed Sun Valley before thanks to rumors, and hints of it have been peppered throughout Insider builds - from new icons to more rounded corners on certain UI elements -, we’ve yet to see the entire picture. It’s possible that Microsoft is at last ready to take the wraps off of what’s been working on for quite a while.

      In case the teaser video posted on Twitter is anything to go by, the firm could be preparing to either increment the version number – as Microsoft of old would -, thus giving us Windows 11, or simply drop the number entirely.

      Our very own Abhay Venkatesh makes the argument that splitting off Windows 10 releases into consumer and enterprise-targeted variants could be an interesting route to take. This would, according to Abhay, ease the concerns of the traditionally change-averse business clients, leaving the new and experimental (Windows 8-level) changes on the consumer side.

      FidelityFX SR on console

      To open this particular section, it’d be prudent to highlight that AMD’s Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) equivalent, FidelityFX Super Resolution (or FSR) will in fact be coming to the Xbox consoles, as confirmed by Microsoft. This will presumably make its way to the Sony console as well, since both devices use essentially the same AMD architecture for their SoCs.

      In other tech-related news, Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision will in fact not be console-exclusive to the Xbox consoles, despite previous reports. As per the Redmond giant, “a local Xbox team” published a post which “included inaccurate information regarding exclusivity of Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision on Xbox Series X|S. There is no exclusivity agreement of either tech on Xbox.”

      Moving on to games, Darkest Dungeon, For Honor, Backbone and more are headed to Game Pass in June, with The King’s Bird and NeoGeo Battle Coliseum being in the first batch of free-to-claim Games with Gold for the same month.

      Also in June, specifically on the 8, Mojang is set to release Minecraft Caves & Cliffs: Part I, having split the update in two earlier in the year to allow for more polish.

      Last but not least, as per a Microsoft Store leak, Sega is close to unveiling Two Point Campus, a management sim from the creators of 2018’s Two Point Hospital, which in itself is a spiritual successor to Theme Hospital. As E3 is just around the corner, we won’t have long to wait until a release date is revealed.

      New Edge features

      Ever since switching to Chromium to power its Edge browser, Microsoft has been rather busy tweaking things and adding features to its homegrown browser.

      Build 92.0.902.2, which landed this week in the Dev channel, continues the trend, adding a number of management policies to control Active Directory site SSO, as well as features like the ability for the browser to enter Immersive Reader automatically on eligible pages.

      It's not all rosy though, as some folks may have noticed that Edge now has some popups recommending that you switch to recommended settings, which include setting Bing as your default search provider. This can thankfully be turned off in the flags page by disabling “Show feature and workflow recommendations”.

      In somewhat related news, our very own Nick Hall went hands-on with the News and Interests taskbar feature, pointing out that a little bit more refinement is necessary before it becomes in any way useful. If you are however using this feature and are annoyed by weather not opening in the widget, EdgeDeflector has you covered.

      Dev channel
      Microsoft is encouraging cloud adoption in light of the Nobelium cyberattacks. ReFirm Labs has been acquired by Microsoft. Power BI Report Builder is now a 64-bit app. The Surface Duo is being sold at up to $708 off. Microsoft has expanded the Airband Initiative. Teams will soon get end-to-end encryption and support for native Windows 10 notifications. Logging off
      To wrap things up, we’ll highlight a rather interesting screenshot posted in the Office Insider release notes.

      via Microsoft Though the local Outlook app is a pretty mature piece of software, Microsoft seems to be planning on taking some cues from its webmail service for the upcoming release.

      It’s expected that the app will be underpinned by a web-based platform dubbed Outlook on the web Powered Experiences (or OPX for short), reportedly codenamed Project Monarch. In the release notes of the Beta Channel build for Office Insiders, Microsoft posted a screenshot of the app’s UI, which is mostly obscured by another feature called Organization Explorer.

      The new Outlook app is set to enter preview later this year, with a public release targeted for some time in 2022.

      In the meantime however, Microsoft has also been working on improvements to the sharing experience across Microsoft 365 apps. The dropdown option, replacing the current implementation, will be available later this year for OneDrive, SharePoint, Teams, and more.

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