Office XP look in Firefox/Thunderbird

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update: A while ago, I made this tweak into an extension, with the added ability to use the colors of your system (not always blue). Download here

I have made a tweak for Firefox/Thunderbird that makes the menus and the menubuttons look like Office XP.

I got the idea after seeing this at I used that as a base and changed the colors, refined the whole thing + added office xp style menu-buttons to it.

It should work in any Firefox/Thunderbird version at any platform with any theme, but it might look bad width some themes.

I colored it the same as my Office XP looked when I used the Opus OS Visual Style, so if you want other colors you will have to change them manually.

this is not a skin, it does not change the icons, only the way menus and menu-buttons look.

I think that this makes Firefox look more professional.

this is released under GPL (open source).

hope you like it


put the files dotnet.png and userChrome.css in your personal firefox/thunderbird-chrome-dir (hint, mine is: C:\Documents and Settings\Andreas\Application Data\Phoenix\Profiles\default\dldqyjbq.slt\chrome) and restart firefox/thunderbird.




fixed all problems when using this together with the Smoke theme by Aaron Spuler. Made the menu-separators in menus without colored left-margins look better. Made disabled menus visible again, that also makes the menu-buttons stop "jumping" when going into costomize mode.


fixed a bug that made the forward/back buttons (and other buttons of that kind) get bigger if you clicked on them when they where disabled (grey). I also added instructions inside the file for how to get back the toolbar-separators, for those who like toolbar-separators (I dont).


fixed a bug that made the forward-button and the back-button have diffrent size if they where disabled. That made the whole line of buttons move if you switched from a tab width history to one without.


very small update, cleaned up a little and added authors names again (witch somehow disapeared betwean 1.0 and 1.0.1)


fixed "no text under disabled menu-buttons in Windows Classic"-bug



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sorry for not answering you but I was sleeping so it wasn't very easy :)

the reason for not making it a skin was because I wanted it to work on any other skin and not just the one I chosed to base it on.

thanks virtorio for posting a screenshot, I have uptaded the first post with one now to.

It is not the icons i have changed, just the way menus and buttons look.

I forgot to write yesterday that it works on thunderbird as well, thanks JustinSaneLBS for telling.


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it doesn't quite work in Windows Classic (Disabled menu items text doesn't show, no margin on the content menus) but it's still really cool :cool:

For me disabled menu items text does show in Windows Classic....

could you post a screenshot so I can see what you mean

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ok now i get it...

the reason why you don't se the text under disabled menu-buttons is because I wrote the color myself instead of importing it from windows, download it again now and it should be fixed.

I think the reason why you dont see the margin in the menus is because you only put the userChrome.css file in your chrome dir, and not the dotnet.png file.

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Hey there, just registered to post this after seeing this topic linked from the Firebird forums.

This is absolutely awesome. ope you don't mind that I've emailed Firebird Help with a request to add this to the Tips and Tricks section.

- Chris

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