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Upgrade today 28 October to 4.16.1


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We're still on 4.14.3 so the update brings significant improvement to the forum for you.


As usual we hope that the downtime is minimal, as these upgrades have typically gone a lot smoother than the 3.x or 4.0.x versions


At some point the board will not be accessible anymore, and that is when the upgrade will be happening.

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I forgot the changelog:



This release resolves intermittent issues submitting a reply or seeing CSRF errors.


Also included: 4.1.16

In addition to many small bug fixes, this release includes:

  • Large number of bugs fixed in focus areas: Commerce, Pages databases, and IPS Connect
  • Performance improvements in: profile view, sitemap generator, posting replies, and Activity Streams
  • We now try to more reliably detect the AWS S3 endpoint for those using S3 file storage
  • More efficient license key checking to keep the keys from being checked too often which can slow your site down
  • There is now a column in tasks view to show the last time it ran to help diagnostics
  • When a member changes their email or password they now get an email confirmation
  • If group promotion based on date is enable the system will now auto-promote even if a member does not login
  • There is now a setting to change the number of topics per page in the forum view
  • If you move your site to a new URL you no longer have to update a constant if using the image proxy
  • You can now press ctrl/cmd+enter in any editor window to submit the reply
  • In Commerce ticket view there are keyboard shortcuts to perform common actions (such as press 'r' to open reply box or 'n' for note)
  • There is now logic to prevent double-posting when the initial post encounters an error on submit
  • Moderators can now remove all followers from an item
  • Contact Us is now configurable with various options
  • Announcements can now be restricted by member group
  • Admins now have a setting to have members automatically follow content they start or reply to. Members can optionally override this.
  • The editor will now show a message if a link that can be embedded (image, video, etc.) failed to embed for some reason. Admins get more detailed error reasons.
  • If your datastore (cache system) is not working properly the AdminCP will now show you a warning telling you that it needs attention.
  • When a member is banned/suspended the system now shows a more friendly page with information on their ban. Previously it showed a permission denied page.
  • Redesigned ticket listing in Commerce
  • New My History view in Commerce
  • Security Questions for account security

Please view the 4.1.16 announcement for full details and screenshots.


Also included: 4.1.15

This is a maintenance release to fix known bugs and also includes many performance improvements to search and activity streams.

  • Commerce Customer Standing Data now loads via AJAX for faster loading
  • Lots of Commerce related bug fixes
  • Passwords on new hosting accounts are now more secure
  • REST API now supports adding Staff Notes to support requests
  • REST API now supports editing purchases
  • Remember me cookie is now 90 days rather than 7 days
  • A race condition is fixed where the site may call to check the license way more often than needed
  • Performance improvements on activity streams
  • Performance improvement to online list widgets
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This one: "There is now logic to prevent double-posting when the initial post encounters an error on submit"  should solve some issues we've been seeing a few reports of :)

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I've tracked down the issue, the upgrade at the weekend dropped a couple of indexes on the topic table - obviously not ones that IPB normally uses itself, but they do get used generating the mini-spy data at the top of the page. This was causing the queries that load the data for that area to take much longer than usual, and at times of heavy traffic, bog down the database completely. I've readded the indexes, and things seem to be getting back to normal now.

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