Looking to buy a capable camera smaller than a DSLR camera

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I currently have a Nikon D3300, which I really like.


I mainly use the single-point AF feature, due to the excellent "depth of field" effect it gives on photos.


However, the camera is too large and heavy for my trips abroad.


I am hoping for some advice/suggestions with the following conditions:

  • Must be smaller than my Nikon D3300 (W12cm, H10cm, L14cm with kit 18-55mm lens)
  • Must be lighter than my Nikon D3300 (700g with stock battery and kit 18-55mm lens)
  • Must offer single-point AF (for a similar depth of field effect)
  • Ideally has 180° swivel screen for "selfies"
  • Ideally has built-in GPS for photo geotagging
  • Must be under £500/€600/$650


Any advice/suggestions?

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