Thanks to robots in 15 years, Friday will be a day off


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hahah yeah I'll believe that when I see it. We've been automatizing and optimizing so much stuff and we're still working non-stop; worse now both the wife and husband must work while the woman used to stay at home in the beginning of the last century.

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    • By Usama Jawad96
      Xiaomi announces CyberDog that is eerily reminiscent of the antagonist in Black Mirror
      by Usama Jawad

      Humankind's fascination with robotics and automation to facilitate life is nothing new. In the past few years, we have seen home robots from Asus, business-focused ones from CloudMinds, a collection of them at Olympics events, an agile robot from Boston Dynamics that can do backflips, and more. Now, Xiaomi has released a quadruped robot, dubbed CyberDog.

      Maybe we've seen too much of Black Mirror but the four-legged metal structure is eerily similar to the one in the show's Metalhead episode. And let's just say, the reasons that we still remember Metalhead are not quite so good.

      With that out of the way, it is important to note that this is Xiaomi's first venture into the space of quadruped robots. Furthermore, this is an open source project, which means that other developers can contribute to it as well. The company will also be distributing 1,000 units of CyberDog to engineers, developers, and fans.

      In terms of internals, CyberDog is powered by Nvidia's Jetson Xavier NX platform, which is an AI supercomputer with 48 Tensor Cores, 384 CUDA Cores, two deep learning acceleration engines, and a 6 Carmel ARM CPU. It also packs a bunch of sensors that allow it use computer vision algorithms for movement. Speaking of movement, it can reach a top speed of 3.2m/s and can carry a maximum payload of 3kg. It also includes 128GB of SSD storage, three type-C ports, and one HDMI port.

      Interestingly, Xiaomi doesn't go into details at all about CyberDog's use-cases. The press release seems to be intent on pitching it as a pet-like companion that will follow its owner around. That said, it can be controlled using voice commands, the accompanying remote, and Xiaomi's smartphone app. It's unclear how people will use it, but the company says that CyberDog can accomplish "the most unique tasks, and the ways in which it can be interacted with holds unforetold possibilities".

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      Beats Solo Pro headphones are 23% off for the first time
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      The Beats Solo Pro wireless on-ear headphones, initially priced at $299.95, are currently on sale for $229.95 on Amazon and $229.99 on Best Buy. This is $20 less than the device's best deal that we've seen, and $70 less than its original price at launch. The firm's latest model matches flagship models by competitors Sony and Bose in terms of battery life and build quality.

      These are the firm's first on-ear headphones to feature acoustic noise cancellation (ANC), which helps block out external noise while listening. They also have a Transparency mode, which lets users hear some of the surrounding sounds if they need to for any reason. The headset comes with one beamforming microphone on each earcup and uses an accelerometer for improved speech recognition. This makes triggering the Hey Siri voice activation keyword convenient.

      The headphones promise up to 22 hours of listening time, which can be increased up to 40 hours if both ANC and Transparency are turned off. As these charge via Lighting port, those entrenched in Apple's world are seemingly more primed to buy them, but they're compatible with all Bluetooth devices. They're available in six colors: Black, Ivory, Gray, Dark Blue, Light Blue, and Red.

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    • By aisoar
      Surface Pro 4 M3
      Windows 10 Pro
      Version: 1909
      OS build: 18363.815
      boggle: snap windows function: upon switching virtual button from off to on, closing that window and reopening shows on/off button has switched back to off. restarts and updates have not resolved this issue. all sub options have been selected as activated/deactivated in every combination - windows snap on off returns to off.
    • By Ather Fawaz
      Nvidia and Hackster join hands to bring the AI at the Edge Challenge
      by Ather Fawaz

      The Nvidia Jetson Nano Developer Kit. Image via Nvidia Blogs Nvidia is one of the pacesetters in research and development in the field of robotics and artificial intelligence. Just recently, the firm prototyped 6-DoF GraspNet⁠—an algorithm that helps robots pick up arbitrary objects. Similarly, back in August, it also clocked the world's fastest BERT training time and trained the largest transformer-based NLP model to date—GPT-2 8B.

      Now, the California giant has partnered with, which is a community of hardware engineers, to launch the AI at the Edge Challenge competition. The challenge will give the participants a chance to use the Nvidia Jetson Nano Developer Kit (a small, powerful computer that allows you to run multiple neural networks in parallel) to build creative and novel projects that fall into one of the following three categories:

      Autonomous Machines & Robotics

      Intelligent Video Analytics & Smart Cities

      Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT)

      The competitors will be vying for prizes that are collectively worth $100,000, including a new TITAN RTX GPU, a Jetson AGX Xavier Developer Kit, a paid trip to the NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference (GTC) 2020, and credits for Public Cloud Compute. Along with this, one of the projects that leverages the power of artificial intelligence for social good will also be crowned with the AI Social Impact Award as part of the competition.

      If you are interested in participating, there are three simple steps that you need to begin:

      The submissions for the AI at the Edge Challenge close on January 31, 2020. So as of today, there are 59 days to go till the deadline. The winners will be announced on February 14, 2020. For more information and to sign up for the competition, you can visit this page.