My fan is Running Too Fast And Loud

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When I launched my stationary PC this morning, there were some books on the keyboard so it started beeping, i don't know which buttons the books were on and my fans started running so fast and extremely loud.
My pc have 3 fans, 2 of them are running on 3XXX RPM and the other one on 5XXX RPM (, I tried to slow them by using speedfan but it didn't work.

Anyone knows what's wrong? 


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Was this in Windows when it sped up? How are your system temps? Might be an option in BIOS for it.


I don't think any key would make it go faster. Unless it was just a coincedence?

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Jim K

Hmmm mmmm.


Computer make/model or motherboard? Any 3rd party software which might be ramping up the fans? Or as mindovermaster said... something in the BIOS.

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The Evil Overlord

Dust or other blockage within the heatsink fins?

Dried out thermal paste?

Might also be a contributing problem.

I'm guessing you didn't restart the computer to see is a booted state helped.

(I'm also guessing someone else will turn up in a few days with links to the perfect solution)

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