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Wii U won't connect to the Internet because forgotten pin or broken WiFi card?

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fviviano86    0

So recently I signed up to become a member here.  I valued a lot of opinions here that I read while scanning the internet for answers. Anyways, here is my problem:


1.) I have a Wii U

2.) I just got my gamepad replaced

3.) I have my system on Parental Control Locks

4.) The Parental Control Locks block usage of the Internet

5.) I forgot my pin to take off the PCL

6.) I even forgot the answer to my secret question!

What do I do? I can't see if my Wii U won't find WiFi connections because of the restrictions of the PCL or because my Wifi card went bad! Help?

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Andrew    2,861

The best option you have is to contact Nintendo Support and request a master pin to unlock PCL.


After that, you'll soon learn if Wi-fi is broken or not once you can configure the network settings.

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