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Feature Request: Selecting multiple options for the Front Page Poll

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Tuskd    2,376

The latest Poll asks for "What is most important to you in a smartphone?"

I believe there is no "only one thing" that is the most important to a person. To me personally, It is the camera, presence of a headphone jack and the company behind it are equally important. Therefore, the ability to choose multiple options from the list would be beneficial.

Also, I would like to add you to add "performance" as an option in the poll.

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Steven P.    14,361

You are right, although we don't have the option to make it multiple choice, I will submit a feature request to our devs for the option. 

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+sheinbein    81

@Tuskd, I've added the ability for polls now to have up to 10 choices, as well as multiple choice polling functionality. This works for both the homepage, as well as polls attached to news stories. Various other poll-related bug fixes are described in the full details.


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LimeMaster    15,601

Um, just letting you know, your link 403s.

Edited by LimeMaster

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Jim K    13,895

From the "403" link.  ;)



  • Added support for multiple choice (end-users can select one or more options to vote for at a single time) vs single choice (end-users can select only one option to vote for). This can be toggled on a poll, if desired, even after it's been created and has received votes
  • Added functionality to support up to 10 polling options. Defaulted to 4 options, and can incrementally add additional to the poll editor form.
  • Added choice indicator to manage poll dashboard
  • Added "Cancel" action on Add and Edit poll forms
  • Moved option's vote count beneath respective field on Edit poll form
  • Fixed bug when there is a tie in the results such that the tied options now all properly display the 1st place blue color bar
  • Fixed bug of >1000 votes missing comma separator in results and poll dashboard
  • Fixed bug of when there has only been one vote, "votes" is no longer pluralized in the results (either for poll total or individual poll option)
  • Fixed bug where a choice with a blank name is no longer displayed to end-users to be able to vote on nor see in results
  • Fixed bug so the poll now correctly populates the options and results for a user if they have somehow managed to vote multiple times for the same poll
  • Confirmed all the above works both on homepage and when poll is attached to news article



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