Will there ever be a solution for Windows 10's juxtaposed UIs?

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wotsit    222

The ongoing issue of having two very different UIs that has plagued Windows since the introduction of Metro is really, REALLY starting to bug me - especially as so little has been done to address it, despite update after update.


Will Microsoft ever address this through Fluent do you think?


We're not talking old icons buried deep in the depths as has always been the case with Windows, we're as basic as the start screen hideously strewn with Windows 7 style icons backed by solid coloured tiles which are designed for white silhouettes.  The whole thing makes my eyes bleed.


I love Windows 10 is many ways but it's such a half-baked OS.



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zhangm    1,248

Probably no solution (though as a concept, it would be nice). I hope that Fluent helps inspire third-party program design such that it fits in, but it does little to solve issues with the enormous amount of older programs.


The people who write programs have always been in control of design. This enables them to make good design choices without restrictions. This also enables them to make programs that look like crap. I can't really think of any way to have the former without allowing the latter.


End users do have some control over presentation. We can modify program icons, or replace the Win32 tiles with new images.

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+Zag L.    371

Actually, the different UI elements span way more than just the time since Windows 8. There are a few places where you can still find some old (as in Win95) dialogs even in Windows 7.

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