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British schools are replacing analog clocks because kids can't read them during tests

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Mindovermaster    2,906
21 minutes ago, techbeck said:

School grades are down for a lot of reasons.  I would say pay and getting quality teachers is a big factor.  And the fact that to save money, fed and local governments tend to cut education funding first.

That, too. But parents are in charge for their children's first 4 years or so. And they aren't doing their best. So when the teacher comes in, the child knows very little of attitude or any life skills.

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+illumination    31

What I don't understand is that they teach telling the time using analog clocks in school. My kids follow the British curriculum and they learn it in maths. So if the kids can't tell the time in the exam hall, it seems like a problem in the maths classes in those schools. On the other hand, I don't see anything wrong with removing them from the exam halls, it doesn't really matter as long as they are still learning the skill, which they are supposed to be.

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