A Cheap Android Wear 2.0 Watch (LG G Watch W100 with Xda Wear 2.0 firmware) $30-$60

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I recently downloaded and installed Android Wear 2.0 for my LG G Watch w100 from XDA , which should never officially got the update due to it's lack of a physical button on the side of the watch. So far i'm really impressed. Battery life is about 1/2 of what it use to be. That might sound bad but it's not. Battery life before would last 2 days at around 30%  now i'm at around 50% at the end of the day. Still ok,


Due to there not being a physical button, you are supposed to turn on the wrist gesture which brings up the app drawer. Which doesn't work so well, so I installed an app drawer which makes it much easier. One of the most annoying things about wear 2.0 was the developers thinking it was a ######## fantastic idea to bring up the watch face selection screen by swiping both left or right on the watch. You can imagine how ######## stupid that is and how often you would accidentally trigger it. Luckily this is where the bubble launcher comes in as it allows you to disable that. (Thank you god!). What the hell was wrong with long pressing on the watch face to change the watch face?


The other feature I really like is double tapping on the watch face to Activate the Google assistant. This way you don't have to say "Ok google" and trigger the devices around you.


i'm finding the notifications to be much more reliable as far as vibration goes. So much so that it has eliminated my need for the app "Feel the wear".


Below is a video review of Wear 2.0 running on the watch. (I do say ok google twice in the review, so your devices may get triggered)




As far as installation goes it's a breeze and you can have it installed on the watch easily in 10 mins. I would recommend you get a hold of the quadcore boot.img file (I wish I  had a link handy for it) instead of the default single core. You can find it inside the thread. The single core boot.img runs like ball sack.


Wear 2.0 LG G watch



I would recommend following this guide for installation, minus the steps of installing 6.1 onto the watch first. I skipped that step and it worked fine for me


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Apparently, the "ok google" hot word is slowing down wear 2.0 devices. Try disabling ok google on the watch, then booting into recovery and wiping dalvik and cache. Tried it on mine and at least at the moment it definitely seems faster. I'm also using the Bubble wear launcher which allows you to double tap the watch face to activate the google assistant.

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