What was the last movie you watched? 2019 Edition

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On 12/4/2019 at 3:04 PM, George P said:

Rambo Last Blood, what can I say, i liked it.   

yeah, screw the critics, i enjoyed it, what the hell else did they expect from RAMBO to earn only 27% from critics...  dummies!!! audience is at 82% so this is clearly a mistake by critics, no where near what the people expect them to rate it.



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Once upon a time in Hollywood.


It's a typical film by Tarantino. His pattern is always the same. You watch the first 90 min of the film seemingly about nothing, a blatant propaganda of sex, drugs and rock'n roll, and you're being introduced to the characters - all masterfully done so that you enjoy the unexpected turn of the events in the culmination, the last 5 min of the film.


The story is mediocre. The acting is very good. The end is golden - totally worth the endurance.

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