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@neowinian.net email account no longer receiving emails

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Michael120183    0
Posted (edited)

My @neowinian.net email account is no longer receiving emails whether I check in Outlook or Mail apps or online at outlook.com in any browser (Edge, Firefox, Chrome) and has not done so for about a month now.


All the settings are correct in both Outlook and Mail apps and online (outlook.com) so I'm convinced there must be a server issue but I'm unsure who out of Microsoft or Neowin is responsible for the server.


Any Neowin staffer able to advise me would be appreciated.





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JEC29    0

I'm having the same issue with mine. I approached outlook.com about it and they understandably referred me back to the provider. Kind of need to be able to get that account receiving again as all of my game related accounts are tied to that one. I've got Gmail for everything else

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Steven P.    12,577

Apologies, it slipped under the radar and expired. I am in the process of renewing it now so it should work again soon.

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