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Tornado spotted in Southern Romania

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Sszecret    2,486

Several people were injured when a tornado barrelled through southern Romania, forcing a bus off the road and overturning it in a nearby field.

Twelve people on the bus were hurt and one passenger was treated for severe trauma, local reports said.

Drivers left their cars near Calarasi to stare at the rare tornado as it swirled through fields, picking up a tower of dust.

The tornado narrowly missed a village but 10 buildings lost their roofs.

Source: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-48119498


Here's one of the clearer pictures of the thing:



This happened yesterday, on April 30th, and I thought I'd post about it since we really don't get too many tornadoes over here, let alone ones this big. I think the last big one was in 2002 and it was an F3 category tornado. 

Regarding the image itself, no, people aren't just sitting around, they're at a level crossing.

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DocM    16,543
Posted (edited)

Yup, no doubt about it. They'll definitely rearrange things. Growing up on a SE Michigan farm we saw more than our share.


During the 2011 US Super Outbreak there were 360 tornadoes over 3 days, and 216 in one day (April 27).

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