Windows 10 1903 update UK

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There's been a big silence on Cortana getting device  control skills in UK - like for Nest. Anyone know why or when we can expect them?



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I may be wrong, but I believe that Microsoft aren't doing that with Cortana. Instead they've allowed Alexa to work from within Windows 10. When that's available though, I'm not sure. It looks like Microsoft are stepping away from Cortana, at least a bit, as they've removed her from being an integral part of the OS/Start Menu and can be removed entirely.

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Cortana control of devices was provided in the autumn 2017 upgrade. It is possible to get Cortana device skills in UK for Nest and Philips lighting, etc., if you change the Region to US.

So it might be that Ms can't easily get legal access here?


I am using W10 Alexa for voice control of my Nest devices or Google assistant on my android phone.


It seems crazy that Ms don't see that voice control is going to be an increasingly  major facility.


Doesn't voice control appear in any of their development road maps?



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