Strange bite, sting, or poison mark. Need help identifying!

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I spent last week at Holden Beach, NC last week. Sometime during the week I was bit/stung by something or rubbed up against something poisonous. The itching was unbearable from the start. It’s been nearly been a week and these couple of marks are still insanely itchy. It looks like they’re starting to scab over but at the same time they seem to be expanding and bubbling a bit. There is no puss.


Would anyone be able to help me identify what caused this?


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Why are you asking to us? Do you trust some strangers on the internet to tell you how to handle your health issues? Isn't it better to go to a doctor? And finally what has your post to do with "Science discussions and news"?

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looks like poison ivy to me.  

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That looks to be poison ivy. Ive had it many a times and its best not to scratch it. Wash it with a wash cloth and dish soap to get rid of the oils or it will spread.

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I have to agree with the poison ivy diagnosis, at least an exposure to the same compound.

Those look like textbook hives.

I hear a poultice made from baking soda and water is good to help draw the immuno-offensive remnants from the skin.

Is it just that one spot on your arm or are there other spots elsewhere on your body?

Sometimes it seems like an external exposure but then there's another spot that's normally covered by clothes with the same thing, I've seen allergic reactions that have acted that way too.

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There are Doctors and urgent care for a reason. 

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If poison ivy, soak a rag with apple cider vinegar and hold on the rash for about 10-15 minutes.  Works wonders for me.


As Mekun mentioned, washing with a cloth is key.  If you KNOW you brushed up against some before you break out, using wash cloth with soap will likely prevent it.  Soap and water alone won't remove the oil.




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