No Time To Die. (Bond 25, April 2021).

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Historically I used to go to the Cinema a lot (every weekend or every other weekend), however I’ve gradually gone less and less over the years, this got to the point where I went once last year and maybe twice the year before.

However, in recent years I don’t really think theirs been a lot worth going to see. A lot of the major films just seem to be Marvel or Disney, which to be honest the stuff their putting out just doesn’t interest me anymore.

Then the likes of Odeon started adding a “blockbuster surcharge” on to what they perceive to be a major release, just because…

That said for something like a release of a new Bond film I’d make the effort and go to a cinema in another town that offered an experience, for example one of the Everyman Cinemas where you get a sofa and can get a pizza / other food to enjoy during the film.


In general though myself and some friends started getting together at someone’s house with a Blu-ray / digital download, ordering a take away and enjoying films like that a few months after release, this works out so much cheaper and I personally really enjoyed doing this before COVID was a thing.


I think people probably would pay a premium to stream Bond / Tenet at the moment, that could be quite profitable given you can't even legally have family / friends around to your home in many parts of the UK.

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2 hours ago, dipsylalapo said:

Kinda of related, but the UK cinema chain Cineworld is now going to shut down their cinemas after opening them for short period


I know a lot of people don't like the cinema for those annoying people who can't enjoy a film without talking/checking phones but I loved going to the cinema.



I feel like studios will have to cave. Realistically they have two choices either accept that they're going to see a dip in revenue from less people going to the cinema or push to streaming (or both)


If they keep delaying films, cinemas won't be able to stay open and they'll be forced to stream!

Exactly, with all these delays and nothing new to show how long can they even stay in business?  If we lose half the cinemas out there because they've closed for good then what money are the studios expecting to make when the big name blockbusters need 4k+ screens showing their movies to even hope to make a profit?

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