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Looking for alternative to Hacker's Keyboard.

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LauRoman    257

Pleas do not recommend a keyboard like Swiftkey or whatever if it doesn't have functionality i am looking for.

If you have ever used Hacker's keyboard, the reason might be because you needed it for the directional keys, or function keys or special keys like Tab, Print Screen etc.

I used Hacker's Keyboard on a number of devices in the past. Now, using with a LineageOS 16 (Android 9) device that has on-screen navigation buttons hidden through the expanded desktop option in the settings. And this has broken some of its functionality. I can't use special characters like ș or ț or any other alternative character or (especially) punctuation attached to any button on the keyboard, because it does not show the popup if i press and hold a certain key. If i disable the expanded desktop option i do get the popup, but i am not a fan of the on-screen buttons always being on. However, with any other keyboard i thested so far, the alternative character popup does not disappear after enabling expanded desktop. On two other devices that run the same version of LineageOS, but have physical buttons there is no issue with Hacker's keyboard, unless i also enable expanded desktop there, but i do not need to as the only option there is to hide the status bar.


Is there any other Android keyboard that includes (at least in landscape mode) keys like "Tab", directional keys, Print Screen, Alt etc?

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