Neowin Monthly Photography Challenge POLL [August 2019: Technology]

August Photo Contest Poll  

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  1. 1. Which photo was the best?

    • Warwagon - Xbox Controller
    • jmc15john - Amp
    • ncc50446 - Nintendo

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We're a little late here since there was lack of interest... But here's the poll to vote for which photo you think was the best in the contest. There's only three to choose from, so pick which you like best!


When the results are in, we'll choose the winner and send them their prizes!


You can see the three entries at this link:


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 I know I'm not eligible to actually win the "prize" but I would be happy to just find get the motivation to get my camera back out, I tried to play around the other weekend and I honestly couldn't take a decent picture to save my life.

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Here is the story behind my entry. My GF got 2 lamps from her sister, she gave me one them to replace the one i've been using for years. After we installed the new lamp i'd be sitting on the couch looking over at it, thinking, damn that lamp shade with an LED bulb does produce same nice looking light at the base.


So one night before I went to sleep (literally got off the couch to go to bed) I looked at the lamp and thought "let me put something under it, and have the lamp be the light source" ..


I so I got out my camera and took some pictures. Originally it was going to be a test shot, just to see if the lighting was any good to be used for another photo. I took about 10 photos and then opened up my computer. Originally I thought I would put an apple 2GS under it and take a picture of that. 


So then I played around with using my old lamp in combination with this new one as a dual lighting source. Here is the sample photo of that.






In the end I loved the lighting of the xbox one controller so much, I decided I would enter it as my submission!



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