Neowin Monthly Photography Challenge [October 2019: Food]

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The monthly photography contest is back again! Take a picture and submit it between now and October 25th. At that time, we'll post a poll for everyone to vote for their favorite pictures! The winner of this month will win the honor of picking the theme for the month of November!


Some rules/FAQ:




Q: What is the current challenge?

A: The current challenge is in the thread title


Q: What are the rules for posting?

A: Photos must be taken in the time frame of that theme (So in the case of August, from today (August 3rd) to the August 25th. Submission must be on a website that conserves EXIF data).

Spam will be deleted as per the forum rules, such as photos for sale.

The rest of the forum rules still apply.

One picture per theme.

Post your photo as a reply to this thread


Q: What sites are permitted for submission?

A: Any site that preserves EXIF data, such as Flickr. If you have a favorite that works, let us know!


Q: Does Neowin get any rights to my images if I post them?

A: Not at all! The only rights Neowin get are simply to say you won and may post it to the front page with full accreditation.


Q: Can Staff/MVC/Veteran/Other Group enter?

A: Yes!  But they can't win. In the case a Staff/MVC/Veteran wins, that person will win the rights to name the next month's theme, but the other prizes (if any) go to the next highest photo



News article:

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56 minutes ago, ncc50446 said:

Sorry it's a day late.. Been busy trying to deal with buying a home..


Anyways, assuming it's not too late, here is my entry:




Here is a joke entry haha



when I came up with the theme food I had zero ideas of what to do. The turtle idea with a pizza came to me while I was laying in bed going to sleep one night. I also recorded a behind-the-scenes video of the making-of the photo. I just set up my phone recording video as I was taking pictures of the turtles and pizza.

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My girlfriends daughter mentioned the Tide pods being food earlier in the week lol I was hoping to be inspired during the month on something, but I couldn't think of anything brilliant. Then I saw your post, and knew I couldn't beat that haha

The meatballs are tonight's supper.. They're really good lol

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