Found a Sony a6300 at "it's $5" for $5

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A couple weeks ago I went to "It's $5" .. it's the same store I found my "TicWatch Pro for $5". I was in there for 1 1/2 hours looking through 40+ bins (almost like Dumpster diving) and i'm ready to check out. As i'm standing in a LONG line, I keep looking through bins to my left as I slowly pull my cart ahead.


All of the sudden I see a camera box. By this time you would think all the good stuff would be taken. I instantly knew it looked expensive. It was a Sony a6300 mirror-less camera. It was just the body with no lens attached.




Someone probably already found it and dumped the lens out, as the box indicated there should have been a lens. I'm sure lots of people had seen it but though "Meh, just another point and shoot camera, who wants a point and shoot when we have our phones?" So I snagged it for $5.


I wasn't sure yet if it could actually take a picture or if it was broken. So I ordered 2 things. A sensor cleaning kit for $14 and a canon lens adapter for $13. This way I could replace my canon T2i from 2010 and put my lens on this camera. This adapter was cheap and had no electrical connections, the camera wouldn't even know it had a lens on, but it would allow me to see if it would take a picture, and it did.




Not sure where the SD card went that I took that picture on, so I present to you a picture of a picture.


Now that I knew the camera worked, I ordered a more expensive $120 lens adapter (Altson EF/EF-S Lens to Sony E Mount T Smart Adapter (CEF-SE) which would let the camera control my canon lens. 


I wanted to try taking pictures of people and my niece who is visiting my parents this weekend was thrilled at the thought of having her photo taken. So we went out and took some. Here is what the camera with the new lens adapter looks like. You should take a look at the original at the link below the 2nd image.


The funny thing is i've always hated my canon F1.4 lens, it rarely took a crisp photo on my canon T2i, On this Sony it took lots of sharp photos, This lens works better on this camera for my than my canon t2i.






Here is a link to the 6K original. 

6k Origonal - Check out the quality


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