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Google Camera 7.2 (Play Store and elsewhere) - Thoughts/Opinions?

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PGHammer    1,504

As has been circulated, Google Camera 7.2 is available on the Play Store (no longer lashed to the Pixel 4 - and possibly not to Android 10, either).


Have you tested it, what Android device did you test it on, etc.?


I started the thread; therefore, I'll lead off.


I have it on Android 10, on my daily-driver Pixel 3a (sargo).  It required no mods.


Most pleasant surprise/improvement (compared to the same app in stock Android) - NightSight.  This feature improved still more over the same feature in Camera 7.1; especially for low-light indoor pictures.  Coming up is THE season for such - Christmas/Yule in particular.  (Before, I laid low and didn't participate in the picture-taking; however, I don't have an excuse now.)


Biggest quibble - the same one I had with Camera 7.1; motion is on by default.  (Do that many folks NOT use the Camera app for stills that such a default makes sense?  It's the ONLY camera app that does this.)


Upshot - other than the one quibble, it's still the deadliest camera app for Android - if not any OS - that is not ODM-specific

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