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    • By +warwagon
      Yesterday at Walmart I purchased the "Chromecast with Android TV". Thought I would give you my thoughts on it. The User interface is different than Android TV. The Remote is nice and compact. It allows me to control my soundbar as well as allows me to turn my TV on and off with the remote. once setup it also allows me to use my google home to turn my tv on and off as well "Ok Google, turn on my TV".
      In the view below, when I start playing a video with the sideloaded "S YouTube" app, you may see it say "Loading" shortly after I start playing video. that's because I was only playing 1 second of it and I hit the back button. For some reason when you hit the back button, to go back to your video list it says loading, so you have to press Back twice.
      One thing I didn't mention in the video which is REALLY nice, is you tie your Google Photos to the chromecast too, and for a screensaver it displays your photos. You can tell it which people you want to show up on the screen saver.
      If you look online you can also plug a USB C hub into it, which gives you thinks like ethernet, and USB storage. In my case my wifi was working well, mostly because that white thing to the left of the TV is my wifi.
      All in all i'm really impressed and I'm not sure i'm going to go back to my Roku Ultra any time soon.
    • By News Staff
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    • By Izlude
      lol, what, huh? why??? a random review came on from some playlist i was watching, it was talking about pooping unicorns... then it played a portion of the video.  here's the whole thing. i actually spat up my coffee in disbelief. at first i thought it was funny, now i'm a bit disturbed :P  not so much at the toy itself, but the actual music video and the lyrics xD oh man...
    • By korban278
      A farmer had a three legged pig and his neighbor asked him why the pig had only three legs. "Well, I'll tell you" the farmer replied. "One day I was plowing my field and the tractor turned over and pinned me underneath. That pig ran for help. He saved my life". "Oh, that's how he lost his leg?" the neighbor drawled. "No. One night my wife and I were sound asleep and the house caught on fire. That pig woke us up. He saved our lives!" "So that's how he lost his leg", stated the neighbor. "No, that wasn't it" the farmer affirmed. Exasperated, the neighbor demanded "Then how did he lose his leg?" and the farmer replied, "When you have a pig that good, you don't eat him all at once!"
    • By Steven P.
      Not quite the same as the dead When threads collide topic (which only allowed for forum topic funnies). Let's see if we can start a new game where headlines and content close together collide.
      I'll start (from an email newsletter from today)