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Windows 10 ARM on Lumia 950/XL: real Continuum coming to Lumia 950/XL

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The_GTA    1

Last month we have seen revolutionary efforts by gus33000 to recreate cellular support on WoA builds past 18912. Today we have learned that there is no stopping the WoA train when gus33000 tweeted out:


Many of you might scratch their heads and think: what exactly is Gustave Monce trying to tell us?


Full USB-C functionality is a key component in making WoA productive on MSFT's flagship smartphone. The video inside the tweet has shown support for a simple USB flash drive. Although anyone who listened to Microsoft's advertising of Continuum on Lumia 950/XL has wondered, what if full Windows 10 could be put into a device as small as a smartphone and be dockable onto the big screen? The ultimate pocket PC is about to arive, sincerely estimated by this Christmas Eve. 🎄🎄🎄


History of events:

* gus33000: discovery of Windows 10 ARM 32bit build 15035 with USB-C driver support

* gus33000 and imbushuo: fixes in the custom Lumia 950 boot manager

* Googulator: using build 15035 and SPI logging fixes to custom USB-C driver

* commit-spree by gus33000 and imbushuo on the USB-C driver repository


Related thread: https://www.woaproject.net/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=120


Please consider supporting the WoA community by donating to either of these hacker heroes.


Anyone still new to WoA on Lumia 950/XL and want to give it a go? Consider watching my video and following the recommended steps in the description!

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