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I've had neowin and the neowin software feeds in my rss reader for years, but I'd like to expand those, however as I've been trying to do this, it seems that any feed that is based on a tag that contains a space, doesn't seem to be working.


For example, I read Rich's Galaxy Watch Active 2 Review (

At the bottom are tags, and choosing one, as Samsung, takes me to:

And in the title is an RSS button, which takes me here:

This feed works great, but I want to get more specific. Alongside the Samsung tag in the article is a tag for Galaxy watch active2, and that one takes me to:

This page works and the RSS button is there, which takes me to:

Which doesn't have any articles in the feed, despite the prior page listing them.


I've experimented with other tags, and they all work unless they have a space in the name.  I've tried removing the spaces, url percent encoding, nothing seems to be able to workaround the problem.


Is there any chance of fixing this? There's a couple of tags with spaces I'd like to follow so I don't miss any articles.  Thanks!

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