Problem restoring Galaxy Tab 2 7.0


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I know it is old, but I want to restore it and sell it for a few Euros rather than bin it.


I put CyanogenOS 13 (based off Android 6.0.1) on it, but it keeps rebooting when I try to start certain apps, like YouTube for example was the last one, so I decided to download the official rom from SamFirm but when I go to flash the zip in TWRP ( it fails saying that there is no MD5 found and "Error flashing zip". I downloaded the zip twice and let it decrypt, and I could see there is a md5 file inside the zip I transferred to the sdCard on the Tab.


HELP! :( 





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OK maybe premature, I used the Odin method to flash in Download mode rather than from TWRP recovery and it seems to have worked, it is now on first boot (Samsung logo). 

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