Any Misfit owners from the sale? Post your experience here


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I got the Navy blue band and Steel case Vapor X. This is my first smartwatch. I like the design and weight. wear OS is slow but got used to it. Heart rate sensor is fine. Battery struggles more than a day. Everything is still stock, didn't try the declutter guide posted on reddit. I use it with an iPhone. I couldn't find a way to sync Google Fit data with Apple Health.

What do I use it for? Watch, Timer, Steps, Notifications, Heart rate, Running and Biking. Strava is simple and wonderful. I couldn't set up Lifesum diet tracker with Apple ID (I use myfitnesspal). Other than that it is very good for $50.

Personally I wouldn't pay more than $100 for any smartwatch if this is the reference device. I know Apple Watch is king but probably this is all I need. How's your device?

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not to hijack your thread or anything since I didn't pick up a Misfit but wanted to share some of my thoughts on the subject.


OS being slow and short battery life are what keep my away from wearOS and Apple watches personally. That and the bulky designs.


I'm like you in the regard that I just need the basic smartwatch capabilities. I don't need any of that being able to make calls on the watch or anything like that. The features I care most about are the following:


  • Watch
  • Timer/Alarm
  • Passive Notifications
  • Heart Rate Sensor
  • Sleep Tracking
  • Exercise Tracking
  • Music Control
  • NFC for contactless payments is an optional plus


For this I have a FitBit Versa (original Plus model with NFC) and it works relatively well. The size is optimal IMO and I still get 3-4 days battery after owning it for a few years or so now.


My only issue is with Notifications and I'm not sure if it's due to the age of my watch or firmware issues. Both on Android and iOS it has trouble receiving the passive notifications sometimes though it's not as bad on iOS as it was Android oddly enough. Part of my issue now may also be the fact that I'm jailbroken; every time I respring it breaks the notification hook and I have to reboot the watch to get it to sync again but all in all that's a minor inconvenience.



Once battery life improves to a 3 day minimum on wearOS watches and/or Apple Watches and once the casing is comparable to a normal watch size (my wrist is rather average, if not on the smaller size for a male, so I don't like the look/feel of bulky watches)  then I will consider switching to one of them.

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It's OK. As I said in the front page article, I bought two for my wife. That was a partial mistruth, I bought her two but got one for myself. So now I own 2 different wearOS watches and a Tic (runs its own OS). I have an LG G Watch R, a Tic Sport and now the Misfit.  The Misfit is the slowest of the three for most things. The LG was the easiest to customize out of the box. The Tic is the snappiest but offers the least in customization opportunities. In the end, the Tic is still my favorite. 

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