Windows Store doesn't list my Owned apps or games - nothing Owned

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Edit .. the recent purchased you see is either from my already owned software that I've reinstalled or new software that I tried getting to try and kickstart my list of Owned apps.


I've just installed Windows 10 Pro on my iMac again, after being off it for a while. It's currently the only OS installed and I have a major issue with Windows Store.


I consider it a major issue, but you may not. Anyway, I've purchased and downloaded a few programs like Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer and wallpaper sets from Microsoft(of their Premium uploads to the Store) from the Windows Store. I am quite a bit frustrated as the list is empty all the way down - individual listings doesn't reveal anything either i.e by selecting Apps/Games/Movies in My Library inside Windows Store on Windows 10.


To make matters worse my Packard Bell laptop that uses the same Microsoft account as login also yields the exact same issue.  I am at a loss as what to do about this - I reckon it's an account issue. I am able to install my software by searching for them individually, but not from any list containing an overview of same software and various wallpaper sets. One other issue that you'll notice in my Capture6 image is that my iMac isn't on the list for Windows Store - despite just having installed and logged in to my Microsoft account at setup. This installation is the second in two days; to try and solve the issue via reinstall of Windows.


These screenshots are from my iMac but the EasyNote laptop has the same look.


Let me say that I have already; reset the Store Cache and deleted files manually per instructions from Microsoft Online Support Community/Forum - didn't help one bit. wsreset didn't help .


Funny thing is that the online view of all my purchased is empty too. This page is available on my Microsoft account page and yours too - I would think.

I can't say how recent this issue is with the Windows Store - I noticed it first on my EasyNote laptop and then it settled to function - then I thought to install Windows 10 on my iMac because of customization reasons. Then this.

What is the experience with this from other users? Is there that one thing that can help me get a feeling of liking the experience of Windows and solve this bothersome problem? Do I need to call Microsoft and have them look through my account?







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Just a suggestion, as I do not use the windows store, but try running sfc/scannow from an elevated command prompt and see if that fixes the problem.

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This has been broken for a month or so now. It's not specific to 2004 either.


If you change "Allow types" to "Apps", they should appear in there.


Don't bother reinstalling Windows.

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3 hours ago, jnelsoninjax said:

Just a suggestion, as I do not use the windows store, but try running sfc/scannow from an elevated command prompt and see if that fixes the problem.

This sadly didn't help - there wasn't any integrity problems. Thanks though. Solid tip :)

1 hour ago, Vince800 said:

This has been broken for a month or so now. It's not specific to 2004 either.


If you change "Allow types" to "Apps", they should appear in there.


Don't bother reinstalling Windows.

There also isn't any Apps by doing what you suggest. I wasn't aware of the problem spanning other versions of Windows 10. Thanks for the information. I was running on empty and solutions that was given on the Microsoft Support pages was most often taken out of a manual that didn't lead to anything getting solved.


My current status is that I have removed Windows 10 from my iMac that was set up as my primary Windows machine - so if anyone want's to chime in, I appreciate it, but it's not something I'm bothered with anymore. And since I got the reply from @Vince800 above I am certain it will be resolved with the next Windows 10 release cycle. 

I am now back to using macOS as it were. I think the "grass is greener" kicked in on my decision to use Windows 10..  

My Packard Bell Easy Note laptop is running Windows 10 2004 still but that's really just a burner at this point - soon to be setup with a Linux distro or HaikuOS or something else that isn't Windows. 

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