Why is a Motorola e6 plus slower than a Motorola Z2 Force?


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So beside the obvious! One was a flagship and the other is a budget phone...but why is slower?

I'm know my  ABCs for PC hardware, but I'm not that knowledgeable regarding cell phones.

My Z2 force is dying (battery issues) so in the meantime I took the office's Moto E6 plus a replacement  in the meantime so I'm able to communicate with my customers.

Even though the Z2 force is 3 years old, but damn the e6 plus sure is slow!!!

So I'm looking into buying another motorola flagship phone, but the Edge (non +) is still fairly expensive, in comparison to when I bought the Z2 3 years ago. There's the One Zoom but it's already 1 year old. Being a mobile, that's OBSOLETE (considering I would be buying it new). 

I DO WANT a motorola. Been using them for a years now and I love the Moto Gestures

But looking on general comparisons between One Zoom and Z2 force, I don't see that much of a performance increment. What caught my eye was the amount of ram. Z2 has 6 GB and Zoom has 4 GB (e6 has 2GB).

I don't live in the USA , so any carrier offers aren't an option.

The Zoom costs (aprox) $400 USD and the Edge about $600. So far my Z2 repair costs (battery and  'labor') has been $60 but seems the fix didn't work out and I need to pay more. 

Though paying $400 for a minor upgrade (or it seems) doesn't seem a logical path. 

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