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Definitive Best Back-up Software 2021

Definitive Best Back-up Software 2021  

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This is the Definitive Best Back-up Software 2021 official thread and covers free and commercial backup software, as well as those built into or bundled with operating systems.  Use this as a starting point for researching back-up software.
The 2020 thread can be found here.
If your choice of a back-up solution is not listed, please choose the appropriate Other option(s) and specify in the comments.  The poll is multiple choice, so if you use more than one solution, you can check all of them, be sure to mention which ones you use in the comments. 
Aryeh Goretsky

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      Compute and storage updates are available for mission-critical applications on Azure
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      Server image via Shutterstock With respect to compute optimizations, on-demand capacity reservations for Azure Virtual Machines (VMs) with service-level agreements (SLAs) will arrive as a preview in April. In the same vein, customers can now scale their VMs without redeploying their scale set, with better control over cost management too. For workloads that are memory- and CPU-intensive, new Mv2 Azure VMs are available in preview as well.

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      Commenting on the findings, senior research director Anshul Gupta said:

      An interesting market for 5G handsets is China, it’s expected that 59.5% of all smartphones in the country will be equipped with 5G by the end of 2021 due to the increasing number of affordable devices with this connectivity option.

      In 2019, worldwide, there were 16.7 million 5G sales, in 2020 this rose to 213.3 million and as mentioned earlier, the figure is expected to hit 539 million this year.

    • By goretsky
      This is the 2021 poll for best free anti-virus (aka anti-malware aka internet security aka endpoint security) security software.  
      The poll for paid products is located here.  The poll for 2020's best free antivirus is located here. 
      If your choice is not listed, please choose "other" and reply below with its name. 
      This year the poll is multiple choice, so that you can select two (or more) choices.  If you do choose multiple options, please leave a comment with the ones you chose and why.  
      Aryeh Goretsky 
    • By goretsky
      This is the 2021 poll for best paid anti-virus (aka anti-malware aka internet security aka endpoint security) security software. 
      The poll for free products is located here.  The poll for 2020's best paid antivirus is located here.
      If your choice is not listed, please choose "other" and reply below with its name. 
      This year the poll is multiple choice, so that you can select two (or more) choices.  If you do choose multiple options, please leave a comment with the ones you chose and why.  
      Aryeh Goretsky