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I have taken it upon myself to do a daily newsletter for the site, you can sign up here and view the test issue I did and the first "official" newsletter I sent out moments ago.


Feedback on the format and content is welcome, but I do plan to promote mainly US-centric news and not limit it to Microsoft only. I am thinking about doing a Microsoft Weekly newsletter on Sunday to complement the weekly article in the hope we can drive some traffic there.


I forgot to mention that the newsletter might end up in your "Promotions" folder in Gmail so you will have to move it and add neowin AT getrevue DOT co to your contacts or your equivalent of a safe sender in your email client.

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I signed up for it, since I do not use Gmail's web interface, I do not have to worry about it be placed in the promotions tab. :)

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Revue only lets me send one a day, (yesterday's was pushed manually by me just after midnight March 18) so I have had to schedule it for 00:10 CET which is an hour and 25 mins from now.


I will skip Saturday's so I can schedule it for 10pm CET / 2PM PT / 5PM ET each day from Sunday onward.

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