UK 'heading towards digital skills shortage disaster'

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Nick H.

UK 'heading towards digital skills shortage disaster'

By Mary-Ann Russon & Lucy Hooker
Business reporters, BBC News


The UK is heading towards a "catastrophic" digital skills shortage "disaster", a think tank has warned.

The Learning & Work Institute says the number of young people taking IT subjects at GCSE has dropped 40% since 2015.

Meanwhile, consulting giant Accenture says demand for AI, cloud and robotics skills is soaring.

Experts say digital skills are vital to economic recovery following the pandemic.

The Learning & Work Institute's research reveals that 70% of young people expect employers to invest in teaching them digital skills on the job, but only half of the employers surveyed in the study are able to provide that training.

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I'm not complaining, it keeps me employed! :laugh: But it does surprise me that there is a large percentage of people of my generation and younger that don't understand simple troubleshooting, or know about the various components that make up a computer.

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The kids these days are all too busy steaming their online game play, or being a "creator". Makes me sick.

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