Khloe Kardashian tries to get unfiltered photo removed from social media 😢

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Steven P.

As a member of one of the most famous and glamorous families on the planet, Khloe Kardashian is rarely pictured looking less than a million dollars. 🤑


The TV star and social media influencer and her team usually know how to produce the impossibly perfect image. 💃


So after an unfiltered picture was shared to her social media "by mistake" they were keen to have it taken down. 😯


They have asked social media platforms to remove it, although their efforts have spurred others to repost it. 🤮


The natural-looking family photo showed the 36-year-old by a pool in a bikini. 👙


The star appeared unusually unairbrushed: more like an image you would see from your friend's lockdown lido swim session than from any of the Kardashians' previous personal campaign shots for their various brands. 🏊‍♀️


Kardashian's team said this week the photo infringed her copyright. 😭




If you dare to look here is the picture of the poor woman on this website


Sending thoughts and prayers to the Kardashian family and the poor woman 😲😭😢

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She needs to hire who ever Demi Lovato hired to have the video of her giving a knob job scrubbed from the internet.

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