Buying the Samsung A52 5G, how is Call of Duty Mobile?


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Hello, if this is not the right place to post, please move this topic to the correct place.


First, my phone usage are basic calling, messages, social media, WhatsApp and emails for work. If I am in the mood, I play Call of Duty Mobile specially if my son asked to play with him.


For that, I am thinking of getting the Samsung A52 5G, that based on the budget that I have and I believe the features are worth it, that's the 120 Hz and 4500 mAh.


My only concern is with the Snapdragon 750G gives a smooth gamming experience for Call of Duty mobile? So far the YouTube reviews do shows above 60 fps. I compared that with what I have Huawei Mate 20 Pro and it gives the same fps (I believe that both phones game settings were the same). 


And honestly, it is better for me if this phone can handle my usage than buying a flagship phone like the Samsung S21 Ultra.


Note: I may go for the A72 5G if it released, since the specifications are the same with a bigger screen and battery.


Please advice me and thank you.

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This article from November still talks about 120fps being limited to the Xperia 5 II, but they also say that the added fps isn't necessarily worth the sacrifice to graphics. I don't know if 120fps is available for other devices, but like you I've just seen some YouTube videos of people playing the game on the A52 and it seems to play fine.

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23 hours ago, deep1234 said:


This is just an example of how is the gameplay. I am also worries what will be the case after one or two years of playing on the phone.

I was going to make a comment yesterday about not worrying about one or two years from now, since they will invariably release a new title that will have different requirements. And then this morning this appeared on my dash:

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