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I decided to install Windows 11 and no other than as a replacement for Windows 10 and test it firsthand how it works, does it update and whatnot. I found one interesting thing - there is a theme called "Aero Lite", I tried turning it on, but instead it enables that Windows 10 theme that is used for High Contrast - where Minimize, Maximize and Close buttons have a black border around them. I don't know if it's not fully implemented or what, but it may be a sign that Aero Glass/Blur/Whatever is coming back in the future. Here are screenshots:




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1 hour ago, Steven P. said:

Not great looking, what is the Start Menu and other elements like?

The Start Menu with the Aero Basic theme doesn't look much different from how it would look with any other theme.

Also some elements, such as the calendar, volume slider, network and taskbar pop ups still have sharp ages, probably not being addressed in this release. Another thing that's different is the spacing between items in File Explorer when viewed as Details is now bigger. And that OFFLINE WEB PAGES folder still uses the Windows 95/98 icon. Right click context menus are also rounded, for the first time ever.


Other than that, I'm not sure what other elements I can show off, if you have ideas, let me know. 

So far it's been very stable and the only differences are design-wise. You can't middle click the File Explorer (or any other pinned icon) on the taskbar and open multiple instances of a program. I also tried to drag some files from my desktop into my browser for upload through the taskbar and realized that doesn't work either. On further inspection, I realized that even more of the taskbar in Windows 11 is written in this new language, whatever it is. The only thing still in Legacy Code are the Sys Tray button and everything to the right of it. That's probably middle click doesn't work.


At this point I'm most curious whether I will receive more updates as I simply upgraded over my existing Windows 10 while being booted inside. Some people and me included had an issue where trying to install Windows 11 would result in an error message saying "Your computer does not meet the minimum requirements" the solution I found to that in a YouTube video was to have ISOs of both Windows 10 and 11 side by side and unpack Windows 10 one, delete the file called "install.wim" from sources and replace it with the same one from the Windows 11 ISO and them package it again as a bootable ISO, from that point on, everything worked flawlessly - no bugs, no errors, just the new kinks of Windows 11.







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