Weird Windows 11 Post Install issue


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So I've recently just attempted to upgrade to Windows 11 via the Dev channel, while the upgrade completes I'm left with a weird issue.


At the login screen I pop in my pin as normal and then I'm left waiting for almost 5 mins before I'm presented with the desktop. Here is where the issue comes in.


I have no desktop wallpaper, just a black desktop. Start Menu and Action Centre won't open. I have the old Start button and new icons. The only apps I can open as the ones I have pinned to my taskbar and via the Store.


I have the new Settings app, rounded corners and new File Explorer that's about it.


I can't seem to find a solution anywhere but I can't say the issue in limited to Windows 11 as I had the same thing after installing Windows 10 build 21390.2025


**Note** first image is of Windows 10 build 21390.2025 with TaskbarX running which is why icons are centre aligned. This has been uninstalled.

Windows 10.png


Windows 11.png

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